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Terms of purchase

1. General
Ticket sales are managed by the Nordiska museet Foundation, Org. Reg. No. 802002-4686.

Visiting address:
Nordiska museet
Djurgårdsvägen 616
115 21 Stockholm

Billing address:
Stiftelsen Nordiska museet
Box 27820
11593 Stockholm

If you have any questions or problems with your ticket, please email (state your name, your email and your query). When purchasing tickets through our webpage, you agree to the collection and storage of the data required. Read more under item 4.

2. Product
The Nordiska museet Foundation sells tickets through Biljetto. Ticket fees may vary depending on current exhibitions. No other fees apply, unless otherwise stated. You will be charged immediately upon payment. Tickets are sold VAT exclusive, with the price stated in SEK. Tickets are sent to the email address stated at the time of purchase.

3. Refunds
Ticket refunds are not accepted, as per the Distance Sales Act. Once you have purchased your ticket, no refunds will be made.

4. Data collection
We need certain personal information from you in order to enable you to buy tickets. Personal data is such information that is needed to identify you, such as your name, address, email, mobile phone number etc. With your permission, this data is collected and processed by the Nordiska museet Foundation when you purchase tickets.

User data is personal data identifying the user, including information about the services that the user takes advantage of at the Nordiska museet. This might include your IP address. We are collecting data in order to enable you to buy tickets.

5. Use of data
Please note that the Nordiska museet Foundation will not store credit/debit card numbers anywhere, and that this is handled completely by a third party. This is handled safely through SSL encryption. For more information regarding these transactions, please refer to

We use personal data to communicate with you about your orders and ticket purchases.

6. Sharing of personal data with third parties
Your personal data will only be shared with a third party in order to carry out necessary payments or business transactions with our partners.

7. Cookie policy
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8. Spam protection
The Nordiska museet Foundation ensures you that we will only use your email address and mobile phone number for the purposes stated in the above terms. We will not sell your email address or mobile phone number to any third party, and we will protect your email address from web crawlers and web spiders to the best of our ability.